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So, exciting news, World Breastfeeding Week 2014 runs from Friday 1 August to Thursday 7 August.  Bet that snuck up on you and has you wondering where the last year went, eh?  Well as a proud owner of two breasts that are currently in ‘milk production’ mode I wasn’t aware of the ‘big event’ myself ’til just the other day, so don’t feel too bad.


The Irish Parenting Bloggers are hosting a blog linky on real-life experiences breastfeeding their own mini-people.  For my own contribution this year I’ve decided to save you all updates of missing breastpads and friends getting milk squirts in the eye.  Instead, I am sharing my favourite breastfeeding photo.

Out of a gallery of three babies nuzzling, guzzling, rubbing, and sleeping on my ample milky breasts over 31 months of my life (and counting), this is my favourite photo…..

Yoda Breastfeeding

This is Yoda, aged 2.5yrs, feeding baby Clara *.

*not a real baby. Just in case anyone has welfare concerns.

It was over a year since she had been weaned off the breast herself and I have no idea how long since she’d seen a baby being breastfed. But she told me she knew how we would look after the baby growing in my belly, lifted up her pyjama top and fed her doll. Just. Like. That.

I grew up in a house where babies were breastfed, sometimes for long spells and sometimes for short.  I have had a hard time feeding a newborn (Spidey), an easy time (Yoda) and a week establishing feeding when I had just a pump to do my newborn’s job (Woodie). The experiences were sometimes challenging but the actual decision to breastfeed was instinctive and easy.

I hope that by the time my children have babies, that there won’t be a need for breastfeeding promotion, for blog marches, for dedicated (and decidedly boring) websites,  for slogans that may be better suited to the FAI.

I hope that when they become parents they simply feed their babies. Just. Like. That.

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7 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week, 2014: a picture is worth a thousand words

  1. What a gorgeous photo! All mine have spent long times nursing all manner of dolls, teddies, and, eh… tractors. A non-discriminating household when it comes to who should get breastmilk 🙂
    Emily recently posted…Another Year OnMy Profile

    1. Thanks Em- and i love the idea of these little nurslings putting into play what they see everyday! I really really hope that this gradually becomes one of the most boring, uncontraversial and easy decisions made in parenting, and soon.

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