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Domestic bliss was interrupted about 6 months ago when my husband realised I’d colonised about half a wardrobe with wool.  After deftly avoiding any sort of explanation about the sizeable stash, I had to admit (just to myself you understand) that it had all gotten a bit out of hand.  I’d knocked out those few knitted toys earlier in the Summer in an attempt at stash-busting, but truth be told it was going to take an industrial scale clear out to make a difference!

My Mum and Auntie – both avid knitters, obliged and accepted donations.  My Mum ran herself up a new cardi using some nice Sirdar cotton I had, while my Auntie has really gotten into the swing of things by starting a really fabulous cardi with lots of lovely cables and little instartia teddies for the new Bubby using some Debbie Blissh Baby Cashmerino I had knocking around. She’s quite the aran expert so it’s a major honour that my little monkey will be getting an Auntie Siobhán special in the spring!

So now with the arrival of this new baby and with the kiddies needing a bit of room relocation – and wardrobe space, I’m seriously under pressure – and no harm too! I’d recently finished a cabled cardigan for myself so I was delighted to take on some auto-pilot knitting and little things were just the trick. Plus it means I’m ultra-organised and have knocked out a few bits and pieces for baby and Christmas pressies – and for once haven’t left it til December to get started.

So far there are four scarves – two already in active service on the monkeys and two getting stashed for pressies for favourite little people. They are all made using various left overs and bits and pieces and took just a few evenings each.  They are all double-rib and ultra-easy. Just what my tired head ordered.

The grey is my son’s.  I used up a Wendy Mode DK in this lovely steely grey.  I reckoned it’d be a bit thin with a single yearn thread so I used two strands to make it chunkier and softer.  It’s a fairly simple double-rib (two plain, two purl) with 40 stitches cast on using 7mm needles.  I used about 150g of yarn and the finished result is roughly 16cm by 100cm.

The green is my daughter’s.  I’d about 100g of a really nice chunky organic wool left over (no idea of what brand) and again it’s roughly 16cm by 100cm, with 30 stitches cast on and knit in a double rib on 6mm needles.

I love the pink! I was using up a much treasured stash of Louisa Harding Fleuris and is for a favourite little friend this Christmas. It took about 250g of yarn, knitted with double threads on 6mm needles.  I cast on 28 stitches and knitted it in double rib until the scarf was 16cm by 84cm.  It’s super snuggy.

Finally the blue is a Christmas pressie for another little cutie pie.  I used about three and a half balls of really nice Drops 100% wool Alaska in a Marine Blue.  Again it knitted in double rib with two strands and on 8mm needles.  I cast on 22 stitches and it is 12cm by 90cm.


Also I managed to make a baby blanket using – again, some much loved Louisa Harding Fleuris.  I love crocheting and knitting with this wool as it’s a really nice quality bulky yarn with 70% bamboo, 30% wool, but with the kids getting bigger I didn’t have enough of any one colour to make them anything.  I had a really nice selection of colours stashed though so it was well suited to a lovely striped knit baby blanket – and truth be told there is plenty left in a few nice pinks, blues and greens.  I used up about 700g of yarn on this and casting on 92 stitches on 8mm 100cm long circular needles the finished blanket is c. 86cm by 66cm.  And really lovely.

So, job well done and stash nicely busted.

Now, by way of a confessional there may have been a bit of purchasing done at the RDS last Friday but sure that was always going to happen!!

I came away with a nice collection of needles from Trimming’s stand (one of my favourite Dublin haberdashery shops), patterns, new buttons and the small matter of 40 balls of fabulous Sirdar yarn – but in my defence they were seriously good value with all this wool costing less then 50e.  I snapped up 10 balls each of Sirdar Squiggle and Indie super chunky yarns, and 20 balls of the very beautiful Sirdar Baboushka. Now if only these super chunkys were’nt so hard to hide…

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