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The ‘Middle of the Night’

The ‘middle of the night’ was just a place I’d visit at weekends

After drinks, laughs and dancing, and saying goodbye to friends.

I never lingered long enough to know the chills, the light, the sounds,

And if you looked for me at noon the next day, in my bed I would be found.


Time passed and the ‘middle of the night’ became a favourite haunt

As the unborn baby sent his mum for a midnight snack and jaunt.

I’d sit there in the darkness, until the tiredness came

And creep back up to a warm bed to catch up on sleep again.


By the time there were three children, I knew the ‘middle of the night’ so well,

The creaks of the boards at the house warmed up, the noise of the breadmaker, the smell.

I’d cross paths with my bleary eyed husband, on our way to the different beds.

We’d diagnose fevers, whisper ‘hush’ and caress those little blonde heads.


The ‘middle of the night’, I’ll be there soon, en route to one of the three.

I’ll be coming though with milk or hugs, or to check my babies you see.

I dress now for my nightly journey in a uniform of fleece and socks.

It’s a rookie’s mistake to turn on lights and to step on Lego blocks.


I’m sure one day I’ll stop and think, it’s a while since I’ve been there.

Since I’ve jumped half awake at the slightest sound, since I’ve smoothed my baby’s hair.

I’ll retire from my midnight creeping, a younger mama’s job for sure,

And lie in my bed with a much worse task as I wait for the key in the door.


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19 thoughts on “The ‘Middle of the Night’

    1. I have a horrible feeling we’re going to look back and realise that it was great when we knew what beds they were in Elizabeth!
      Thanks a mill x

    1. Thanks mama Emily. Our house resembled a train station the other night. But at least they were (eventually) all safe, and warm and asleep (albeit not where they started out!)

    1. Thanks Aisling. Thankfully the older two are good sleepers now – and only occassionally partial to the middle of the night chats about important things – like Frozen, Batman and the like! As for the mini fella, he’s just in love with his snuggles and in fairness he’s earned them!

    1. It’s hard to remember it won’t last forever Tash so thank you and I feel your pain! I think the extra stress on your second or third is the paranoia that one will wake the other so you’ll do anything (literally) to keep the noise down. The day will come when we’ll miss this stage – not lease because we know where they are! Enjoy every bit of it – and may sleep come your way once more!

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