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Inevitably whenever one of my kids gets something, the other wants exactly the same!

As part of my recent fabric mega order I got a few rolls of pink tulle. The plan was to to make a tutu for my daughter and also our little friend Anna who turns one next week. I had to revisit my plans when my 3year-old went bonkers wanting to know where his pink tutu was! I knew if I made one he’d be in love with it for a while and then the novelty would wear off whereas if I refused he’d go mad everytime M got to wear hers. Also, to be honest there’s no real reason why he shouldn’t have one – to him wearing a dress is really just the same as wearing a fireman or spider costume. Before long he’ll be all to aware of what are ‘girl things’ and what are ‘boy things’ so let’s enjoy this while it lasts!

So in the end – and after another swift delivery (you gotta love the internet – particularly when you’re not allowed drive), I made five little pink tutus – three for the kids and two for the teddies!!!  

I had found a brilliant ‘pattern’ on a lovely site – www.thebusybudgetingmama.com (really, busy mamas are just quite amazing) with a step by step tutorial – click here.  It was so simple and involved absolutely no sewing. Just follow the step by step tutorial (which as great pictures etc) and each one takes about 20 minutes to make.

My daughter is mad about her’s so I expect she’ll be a complete diva and want to wear it at Anna’s party next week. Someone needs to learn to share the limelight…

My son was loving dancing around in his but quickly resumed digging up my vegetable patch. He was calling them the ‘Digging Princesses’. I think he enjoys the best of both worlds don’t you think!

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