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Just to show that it’s kids – not parents, who decide who is ready for toilet training – and when!

The last time we set the alarm clock it was about two Summers ago when we packed up the car at 4am and drove the four hours to the West of Ireland, safe in the knowledge that we’d at least be in County Laois (at best in County Limerick) before the two grumpy lumps in the back woke up and realised they hated the car!  Since then our reliable early riser has made sure one or other parent is up anytime around 7am when the buzzer has been replaced by ‘Daddy, I’m ready for you’.   (Note: it’s always Daddy that’s requested. My work here is done!)

About four weeks ago, her first demands of the day changed.  There was extra attitude and shouting as she pulled at her PJs and nappy, demanding her bone dry nightime nappy was changed so she could do a wee into a clean one.

We started to think about toilet training her – even though I was happier to leave her til warmer weather and her third birthday, before taking on the task of constantly figuring out where the (nice) loos are and whether my growing baby bump (and bum) can sit comfortably on the ground while waiting on her ladyship to pee.  Her big brother (aka Puddle Pants) had trundled along happy in his nappy until just after his third birthday – and by then accidents of any kind (even those involving things sliding down his leg) never really bothered him. But this lady had decided differently.

Forget training. She’d decided she wanted ‘knicks’ (in her thickest Dublin accent) and so it was done. A few packs of Peppa pants later, this little monkey has had very few accidents and is delighted that she’s a ‘big girl’ now.  We started with a potty but went visiting friends on our first day, leaving it behind so it’s all been straight to the loo which is great.  She announces she needs a wee and marches off to the bathroom, closes the door (while shouting all about ‘privacy’), uses her ‘stepper’ to reach the loo and even washes her hands afterwards (and so runs rings around at least one of the two menfolk in this house!). Her early warning system for poos is a bit dodgy but we generally get there just in time. I’ve suggested she take her brother’s old approach and ask for a nappy, to disappear behind the couch and come out with a red face and a full nappy, but she’s not taking the bait.  She’s still in a nappy at night but to be honest it’s been dry for weeks now and she’s seriously resistant to it so we should probably stop that soon and see how she fares.

As for my own approach I honestly have no tips to offer, except the usual ‘listen to your kid’.  I didn’t even get a chance to read the trusty ‘No Cry Potty Training Colution’ I used on himself.  Maybe this time we’re more relaxed about any accidents (and probably our hygiene standards are lower, sure isn’t it only wee!!) – or maybe even our expectations are more realistic, but all credit to the two year old, she’s taken charge of this one and owns this success all by herself. Doubtless there’ll be slip ups and accidents but so far, so good.

And now, for the first time in four-and-a-half years, our bin is distinctly emptier and less smelly. Until March that is, when we start all over again! !

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6 thoughts on “Temporarily Nappy Free: toilet training without the training

  1. Yay-go your girl!What a great, hassle free transition from nappy to big girl’s toilet you seem to have had. Will definitely be using Peppa knickers once our little lady is ready to be potty trained.

    1. Peppa knicks are the biz Aedín – highly recommend a trip into M&S before your piddling adventures start. Our lady had worn them over tights AND nappy a few times before taking the leap. Very glam!! X

    1. She’s flying it on the wees M. Not quite as accurate with poos (or with remembering not to shove half a roll of loo roll down the bog) but no complaints from me! X

  2. Isn’t it just brilliant when they go do it themselves without any interference? Enjoy a few months nappy-less: I’m looking towards many years of it yet too!!!

    1. I’m seriously convinced Emily, you can’t actually make these little people do anything they don’t actually want to do – or think they want to do!! Am enjoying the fresh air while it lasts! X

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