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So last year I did a little mix of handmade and shop bought cards.  Left to my own devices for a few hours last weekend (admittedly on Saturday night while the hubby watched rugby and talked all sorts of crap with his friends) I managed to make our entire little stack of greetings and they are by now winging their way to various loved ones. Here’s a peek at our hand stamped Christmas cards…

Little stamped snowflakes and some stamped bobbles were the order of the day and they turned out great – if I do say so myself. I love the fact that they are very simple designs yet each one is a little bit different. Also, a little stamp on the envelopes gave a cute little touch.

As before, I made the stamps from cutting into lino and just glue gunned each stamp onto a wine cork to make them easier to manage and less messy.  They were pretty sturdy in the end and even withstood an art attack by the kiddos the next morning.



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3 thoughts on “Snowflakes and Christmas Bobbles: hand stamped Christmas cards

  1. Oh wow, I was just about to say “where did you get those stamps?!” Eeek, you made them?! I’ll have to give you the link for a book on handmade stamps… I’ve it on my wish list and regularly salivate over it!!}

  2. Please do Emily! These little stamps are simply brill. I bought a block of speed ball (sounds like an ilicit drug but its waay more boring thick lino) and it came with the handy tool for about €12, plus I bought some cheaper (and less sharp) ones on Ebay. The stamps are great and they can be used over and over – I still have the ones from cards I made last year!Also this year I got A4 sheets of lino in Evans art shop off Capel St for about €2 per sheet- you can’tgo wrong!! xx

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