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Yes! This one has taken a few weeks – about two or three, to complete but at last it’s done and I’m delighted with the finished result!

The original pattern for this – called an ‘Icelandic Jacket’ used a muted palette of creams, greys and greys. These were lovely but as this is for a friend’s baby girl I decided on a predominantly purple mix with some grey and pink added. Lovely mix for a little girl and a nice change from all pink!

The beauty of the piece is that it’s one piece so the only making up is along the underarm seams and arms.  The tricky thing was all the colours (my first real experience of this much detailing) which means lots of ends that needed to be darned in when finished. I wasn’t always in the right head space when working on this in the evening so I made a few mistakes and – being a perfectionist, ripped back quite a few times…

…but no regrets on the score! On some other pieces I’ve convinced myself to keep going only to spend ages staring at these little, tiny mistakes that I should have corrected at the time!
In terms of detail I love the pockets – though I don’t think they’ll get much use! Choosing the right buttons for this one was key and I loved the idea of beautiful, wooden ones – which in fairness is what the original pattern showed.
According to the pattern the jacket is for a 6mth old but its a pretty generous fit on my 9mth old who is herself big for her size. I did a tension square beforehand (for once!) and it was correct and the finished article is correct according to the dimensions so I’ll just chalk this one up to Icelandic babies being bigger than little Irish ones!!

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