27th August 2012 Helen 0Comment

I can remember holidays when I actually felt sluggish from too much sleep. Well that and too much food and drink. Eh, not anymore! This year’s holiday was not quite restful but good fun and a welcome getaway from the usual routine. It was also good timing as we’ve literally witnessed a transformation in our wee girl – from a bouncing baby to a little toddler girl – with an extra serving of attitude on the side!

In the space of our two week break, Missy Moo changed so much.  She cut 6 more teeth. Decided she wants to only feed herself – trying her damnest to master cutlery. Was weaned off the breast with no problem whatsoever. And she’s become a bit of a bully.  She’s taken to seriously goading her brother by smashing his Duplo creations the very second he finishes them. And when she thinks we’re not watching she gives him a whack, and starts screaming and pointing setting him up to get in trouble. A complete chancer!

The biggest change though is the independence.  She’s a determined little lady and well able to tell, with one high-pitched squeal and a pointing finger, exactly what she wants.  Though not walking on her own yet, she’s well able to cruise around the room and pull herself up on the couch / bed /table! She’s truly fearless.

She’s not a baby anymore. She’s a Lady-Baby!


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