20th October 2014 Helen 0Comment

Christ on a bike. It’s just dawned on me that next week is mid-term which means a return to my merry trio of small mad people with a week of no school for Spidey. It promises to be a madly busy one as, sharp intake of breath, we’ve put our house up for sale. All this means cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and immaculate floors – all things that attract the mischievous and sticky hands of my kiddies.I Knit

He he, courtesy of www.cafepress.ie

So this Wednesday (22 October) is our last pre-mid term Crochet and Knitting night and one last stint of sanity, laughter and knitting before the mid-term mayhem begins. As usual we meet from 8pm, as usual there will be cakes, tea and chatter. Any queries feel free to fire me an email at northsideknittingandcrochet@gmail.com.

Last but not least, I have organised group rate tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS.  Entry costs €11.50 – rather than the standard €14, and must be paid for in advance. They can be used for any of the days from Thursday 30 October to Sunday 2 November.  Again, any enquiries please shoot me a mail or a message on Facebook.

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