1st November 2012 Helen 0Comment

As nice as the blogosphere is, it’s lovely to meet real life knitters. Particularly ones that drink tea and enjoy biscuits!

At a birthday party for my son’s friend, I met a local Mummy – Raphaele, who loves knitting and all things craft. She has a lovely blog and supplies shop: http://lacreatureandyou.wordpress.com/ – my kind of mummy!

We got chatting and have decided to set up a local knit and natter.  I had been working on setting up something akin to a craft skills exchange in the area but had hit a few brick walls in terms of costs and insurance.  We live in an area with a really diverse age profile so I guessed there could be a really interesting trade between younger and older neighbours and this would make a lovely inter-generational project.  Unfortunately our  local community hall is over-subscribed so there’s no room for a non-commercial activity that can’t possibly pay the hourly rental rates.

But undeterred as us crafters are, we’re organising a pre-Christmas meeting at my house and, hopefully with some more interested bods on board, we may yet have a little craft revolution in Marino!

Worst case scenario it’ll just be the two of us, some yarn and a lot of biccies! Yum!

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