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I’m lovin’ ‘the Lull’ – the days between Christmas and New Years, even better than the main events. There’s absolutely nothing that needs doing, nowhere we need to be and whole days can pass when nobody in the house gets properly dressed.

The kids are loving it.  I’m slightly fearful that Himself will actually refuse to ever get dressed again but that’s literally next year’s battle. Herself is only mildly more co-operative – but only cos she has the smarts to want to show off her new pink monkey to anyone who’ll look. The Lego tower in the kitchen is nearly bigger than the two of them and they have both developed a taste for Celebrations (handy really as I’ve just decided they aren’t worth the calories so please pass the Quality Street).

Today we negotiated leaving the house for a few hours – admittedly for a wander and than some lunch. Effort was made – underwear was even put on for crissakes. Their terms and conditions were that once we were home they’d be allowed back in their jammies.  They loved it. But they loved coming home even more!

All this laziness, large amounts of food, short walks and the passage of time have seen an exponential growth in my pregnant belly. There’s not much dignity in it but its been a while since I got up off the floor without at least one ‘oof’.  My 32 week ante-natal check up is with my (otherwise sound) GP who seems to be the only modern day practitioner who thinks its a great idea to regularly weigh a pregnant woman.  At least I won’t have to witness the scales first hand as surely my (actual) size 9’s are due to disappear any day now.

Soon routine will return and we’ll start to remember all the things that need to be done. But for now the lunatics remain in charge and in jammies. And it’s lovely.

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2 thoughts on “Lovin’ ‘The Lull’

  1. It’s my favourite time of the year too…. and in this house it’s not just the kids that stay in their jammies ;0) Lovely to see you all embracing and enjoying the lovely lull!

  2. I think everyone feels the same Naomi – and it all fell particularly handily this year!! ‘Dressing optional’ may be adopted as a nice new family tradition round here!!x

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