4th February 2012 Helen 0Comment

I am many things but, most of all, I am a busy mama!

With two kids in tow – a baby and a toddler, my days are a genuinely fun cycle of feeding, wiping things, playing truck / train / tractor games, saying ‘get that truck/train/tractor off your sister’s face/head/bum’ [delete as appropriate], picking up toys and searching for the missing things that have, most often, been stashed by my forgetful son, somewhere ‘safe’.

At the end of my day I squeeze in conversation with my lovely husband and then turn my attention to one of the many projects I have on the go. I say many and they truly are. Right now my list is:
– crochet throw for my parents 40th wedding anniversary – maybe half complete
– crochet jacket for my friend’s new baby girl – nearly these in fairness
– knitting cardigan for myself – about 40% done but really quite lovely
– A ‘to do’ list of small things like bibs and hats that look dangerously like they’ll be done after the intended wearers have long grown up!

On top of these ones on the go I have a growing stash of wool, fabric, felt and ribbon and too many ideas floating around my head.

Thrown into the mix, I shortly return to ‘work’.

Truly there are not enough hours in the day.

So here I go setting about organising my ideas, projects and ramblings….

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