31st October 2013 Helen 0Comment

We’ve had a few pants weeks in our house so – excuses aside, there’s been little writing done.  Nursing a never-ending cold and a growing bump (let alone managing the two other large lumps) my energy has lagging so I reckoned its best to stay quiet that write a long winge!

I have managed though to get my head around the fast approaching holidays and have (for once) started to work out a realistic plan for who is getting handmade stuff this year.  So far there’s a stack of nearly finished scarves for little ones, a baby blanket and two batches of homemade soap curing in the airing cupboard. So the surprise is well and truly wrecked if you’re on the receiving end of a gift from me I’m afraid, but yay me all the same!

Tomorrow I’m off for a wander around the Knitting and Stitching Show. I say a wander, but its more likely to be a waddle with a few pit stops for cups of tea!  I’m swearing off any stash building but given my track-record, I’d imagine I’ll turn to mush when I spot some good bargains.  Ah well, there are worse vices.

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