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If you’re looking for a funky, quick and easy Christmas hats then look no further. These are fabulous.

Knitted Christmas Hat

The Garter Ear Flap Hat from Purl Soho was definately my go-to pattern of the last year, I knocked up a plain black version using Alpaca yarn from my friends at Hushabye Farm for our other friend’s baby girl last year.  It was a really quirky pattern and a fast knit so I was delighted to give it a bit of a tweak and run up a stash of hats for a few friends and my own kids just in time for last Christmas.

For the Christmas version I used Drops Andes – a wool – alpaca blend.  Happily December is a good month to pick up this yarn as it’s 25% off in shops such as Winnie’s Wool Wagon in Booterstown or Sean’s Wool Shop in Santry so you can pick up your materials for about €4.

I used the Christmas Red and White Andes and 7mm needles.  The Andes Yarn knits slightly softer and looser than the Purl Soho yarn in the pattern so sizewise I knit a Toddler size for my 4-year old and ‘Small adult’ for the 6 year old. Each hat used less than one ball of red (so about 65g) and about 15g of white.

Knitted Christmas Hat Collage

In terms of knitting up the hat, it’s a seamless knit that starts at the bottom and works in reduced rows, up to the top.  Cast on with the white yarn and work the lower rows and then ear flaps as per the pattern. After completing the flaps, do two or three complete rows before changing to the red yarn. Work through the pattern to finish.  In place of the slightly classy tassle shown on the pattern, I went for a ‘feck it’ large pompom on top! They rock.

These hats are cosy, cheap and easy. My kids live in them. Need I recommend them more highly?

Hat Collage

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