1st March 2013 Helen 0Comment

So the usual mixture of knitting, crochet, making and living means there’s lots going on but not enough time to write about it. And it’s Friday. And my mind is wandering. And already it’s March!

I can’t believe my baby girl is just two months shy of 2! She’s a real chancer monkey toddler these days so pretty much won’t go in the buggy, insists on wearing pants over her vest and nappy (serious VPL but happy child) and is busy trying to be her big brother’s match in every way. She flips from being a stubborn mule to a very kind little girl though! If you follow the trail of tea towels around the house you eventually find her putting her ‘babies’ to bed. A benevolent dictator, I think!



My little man is trying to be very grown up.  He’s suddenly decided his job is hoovering and, hey, who am I to stop him! Admittedly the end result is, eh, patchy, but I’m happy to let him perfect his skills!
Having finished my Mum’s scarf, I’ve now about three things on the go including a cardigan for the lady herself, my own mega scarf and a little housewarming pressie for my lovelty cousin (which is very cute but potentially completely useless in the Texan climate!).
In the meantime, I’ve been perfecting some really tasty danish pastries (recipe coming soon!) and on an unrelated topic have managed to get a spring back in my step and – to clear the last of this bloody whooping cough, am back out running! Hey cause, meet effect.
And all easily summed up ….

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