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This year the passing by of January has me conflicted. On the one hand that most horrible of months is over – yay, on the other the beginning of February marks my return to work – boo. Anyway January was a month of pyjamas and laziness for my nest-loving chicks. We’ve been busier packing boxes and playing with new heaps of Lego that watching telly but here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been oogling the January on Netflix.

January Netflix Collage

The big Netflix launch of the month was The Adventures of Puss in Boots. As with the last few launches the cartoon is PG rated so my littelies haven’t seen it yet but I hear good things in reviews. Their favourites of the moment are Bo on the Go – annoyingly loud but they love it, Johnny Bravo – which actually has them laughing out loud, Clifford the Bog Red Dog – don’t ask. The two Curious George movies and cartoon series were added to Netflix over the Christmas holidays and are much loved in this house.

Us oldies have finished Season 6 of The Sons of Anarchy – which was ridiculously over-loaded with sexual violence if you ask me, we have been drooling (me, not him) over the delectable Idris Elba in Luther. We abandoned House a while back thanks to the annoying happiness of himself and Cuddy but have sworn to return on the basis that they break up and he goes back to being brilliantly miserable at some point.

And with that, adieu January!

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