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Our third craft night was a great success.  The change of venue is working out well and fair play to Joey’s for being so accommodating (a large box of homemade biscuits for the staff is the crafting equivalent of greasing a few palms).

I’m looking at dates for different types of sessions as the feedback is people want more frequent meetings and I think anyone doing beginners level needs to be sitting down a little more regularly than every month. So I should be back posting some more dates in the next week or so.

A nice success story so far.

I’ve been a little more sluggish on my promise to address my growing pile of unfinished things.  The lowest hanging fruit was the small pile of little jobs like hemming and button sewing and half finished blog posts.  I slightly lost my way when I snuck off to start a new cardi for my little lady for the holidays .. and maybe sewing a few tunics too, but I’ll get there.

I was knee deep in some community projects in work this month and found some amazing landscape and public art projects.  These were my absolute favourite and well worth a virtual tour on a Friday afternoon….the amazing lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, England.

Happy weekend – and any chance of some sunshine that we can bring to the zoo please.

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