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As part of my recent yarn cull, I at last sorted out those straggling bits and pieces of wool that have been knocking about my stash.  Last year I had used up loads of odds and ends on the Roses and Daisies Blanket but plenty of left-overs have appeared in the meantime – not least because I have at last gotten around to ‘frogging’ at least two finished but hopelessly big items (mental note: never start a ‘fitted’ cardigan 6 weeks after giving birth and while you’re still in the ‘who cares if I stay this size forever’ zone).

I don’t want to waste the wool or watch it gradually get more and more tangled until it’s plain useless, so I wanted to organise what I had to to figure out the lengths of the leftover yarns. I’m pretty good at keeping ball bands but I don’t have these for all my leftovers but I was chuffed to find this really simple tutorial on how to calculateyarn length by weight:
When I worked out how much each weighed, and then how much length there was to each ball, I just bagged the yarn in little freezer bags, scribbled a note on the outside and at last know what I have.
Now I have no excuse for buying more before using this stuff up. Sod!

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