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Andrea over at Office Mum writes a great blog about parenting, the parent-family-life balance, prosecco, shoes and the sweetness / madness of having three young children.  She’s a great writer, frequently appearing on The Journal, EU Mom and most recently Scary Mommy, a great blogging buddy and always beautifully honest. More to the point she’s hand-on mum who also holds down a day-job, and gets a great kick when real life mums spill the beans on how they make things work.
As part of her series of interviews she has asked me a few questions about the juggling of work, life, kids and all the rest, so head over and read her lovely blog and my twopence worth here:  http://officemum.ie/office-mum-stories-helen-okeeffe/.


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2 thoughts on “Busy Mama meets Office Mum

  1. I don’t think anyone has ever written anything so lovely about me before! thank you, and thank you for taking the time to do the interview

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