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An Ode to Netflix

Oh Netflix how I miss you and all those programmes on demand

The movies and the cartoons, always ready and on-hand.

You were always there to mind the kids so I could do a wee

And run around and do some jobs, and even make the tea.

But without you during this cold July, it’s hard to get a rest

From endless kiddie questions, and a house that’s always messed.

The monsters miss Babar, Gadget, George and friends

The questions about when you’ll return never bloody end.

I miss my favourite House of Cards and those messed up biker Sons,

What’s going on in Charming, did Jax get them out of guns?

Without the ‘flix my husband stooped to watching ‘Ice Road Truckers’

We really need our wifi back UPC, you useless fuckers.

To make me jealous I’m reading about the latest Netflix stars

A boy called Hiccup and his Dragon friends who adventure way off far.

They leave behind the Isle of Berk and head off ‘To the edge and beyond’.

A place I often find myself when Friday rolls around.

Soon, so soon, we’ll have you back and normality will resume

The kids will fight about the remote control the minute I leave the room.

For now I’ll simply count the days until I can have a look

Or maybe even use the time to read a bloody book.

Netflix have launched their new original series Dragons: Race to the Edge and invite you to enjoy Hiccup and Toothless on their adventures.  To mark the launch of Race to the Edge Netflix invited us to create a Screening Party at home complete with a Treasure Chest filled with treats, colouring books, tattoos, popcorn and lots of bits and pieces.

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As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given, free of charge, an Apple TV and a year-long subscription to the Netflix streaming service, for the purposes of monthly Netflix updates. At all times the opinions given are independent and my own.




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