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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!Super-tired here today after a brilliantly successful first Marino / Fairview Knitting and Crochet  Circle last night.  We had an absolutely amazing 28 crafters with a brilliant mixture of knitting, crochet and even a little embroidery.

Myself and Raphaele from La Creature and You ran up some nice decorations – love heart garlands and some lovely bunting.  I had decorated some plain white mugs with a mixture of little (slightly shaky) drawings! I did these with Sharpie markers and put them in a cool oven at 220C for ‘heating up time’ plus 30 minutes and then left them to cool over a few hours in the oven.  The colours don’t stay entirely true but they are really cute and fairly durable (though most likely to need handwashing rather than the dishwasher). Not least they were way nicer than disposable cups and were a nice talking point!

There was plenty of tea, coffee and snacks for everyone (although thanks to the 1-year old having the 3-year old in a headlock diverting me for a minute from the cooking my Caramel Slices were more Toffee slices – which are fine if you’re teeth are you’re own but high risk otherwise!). I’d picked up some lovely bright table coverings and little bits to brighten up the space which worked a treat.

The nicest part of the evening was watching everyone being so happy to share.  I was a bit concerned someone would misunderstand this wasn’t a class and feel it wasn’t worth it, but quite the oppostite and everyone seemed happy with the price and the structure. We had a few complete knitting and crochet novices, all of whom left with at least a few rows done; and many more rusty crafters who picked up all sorts of tips.

If anyone is interested is joining the mailing list for next month – plus a few bits of info I’ve promised to circulate, please e-mail me on northsideknittingandcrochet[AT]gmail[DOT]com.  There’s no restriction on where you live (hey! I’m a southsider!) and genuinely anyone of any (or no) ability is welcome.

A lovely start to this little D3 Crafting revolution.

Now to a well deserved glass of wine

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2 thoughts on “A Happiness Hangover for Valentine’s Day after the first Marino / Fairview Knitting and Crochet Circle

    1. Hi Nicoline
      thanks for the message and delighted to hear you’ll be coming along! I’m loving getting more sewing people on board as I’m mad keen to learn how to embroider so yay!
      I’m sending an e-mail out this morning so I’ll include you on the list.

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