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Lucy over at Learner Mama writes a lovely blog full of honest and funny anecdotes about the perils and joys of being a mother.  She is running a blog linky this month on the 10 random things she has learnt in motherhood and so far has a great compilation from bloggers that are well worth a read.

I’m having one of those weeks where I seem unable to string an actual sentence together but it seems I can manage a list so here goes….

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1. My kids didn’t lick their most annoying character traits off the floor. 
Fidgety Spiderman who can’t sit still without rubbing or picking some part of his body is, ahem, his father’s son.  Yoda either starts the day raging about some perceived injustice or killing us with kisses and is possibly the most belligerent child I have ever met. Hello karma, meet Mini-me.   The jury is still out on Woodie but, lets be honest,the child does have appear to have a penchant for the dramatic, and I can’t imagine where that might come from.

2. There are certain jobs I should never try to do.
I’m an impatient yoke. That hasn’t changed in 38 years, nor is it about to. Whether its crappy instructions to a four year old about how to pedal his bike (‘well, just pedal’…’turn the pedals with your feet’… ‘make the pedals go around’) or a completely unsuccessful lesson in blowing your nose to a two-year old, there are some jobs (like the bins and making pancakes) that are best left to Daddy.

3. No child, no matter how large and hungry, can suck 4 stone of pregnancy weight off my post-natal body.
That lesson learnt was in pregnancy no. 1 and was not repeated.  Safe to say I now know that two dinners a day from 8 weeks isn’t strictly necessary to the baby’s development.

4. I never have enough time.
On the small scale, my ‘to do’ list will never be done, I’ll always be slightly late and probably a bit hassled; and I’ll never actually make or do more than 0.001% of the things I pin on Pinterest.  On the big scale my Spidey-baby starts school in September, my Yoda is apparently plegnant with twins and my Woodie is busting out of his 3-6 month gear at 11 weeks old.  Time is in short supply. I need to remember to stop fussing and take it all in.

5. I can’t make any of my kids do anything they don’t want to to.
Thankfully my kids are illiterate and can’t read this. I hold the line on discipline and that but when it comes to food, clothes, naps and all sorts, the bottom line is I can’t actually force them to do anything they don’t want to. Happily I’m not that inclined to try.  I’m truly screwed though the day they realise that my powers are limited to persuasion.

6. Everyone has an opinion. Only we have a say.
In the 5 years since I became a mum I’ve learnt that everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding, food, toys, discipline and every other aspect of parenting. That’s fine and dandy but only myself and my hubby get a say in parenting our kids.

7. The cliches are true.
The much hyped boundless love of motherhood is all that. And more. It’s sticky, loud and sometimes heartbreaking. But really it’s just delicious.

8.  My good friends keep me sane
I can probably count the number of finished sentences and drinks we’ve shared over the last 5 years on one hand, but they are gems and I love them dearly.

9. I really like my husband.
The ‘love’ part was never in question. But my being a Mum has involved him being a Dad and the last five years have made me realise that he’s really a very lovely guy. A good catch as my Granny would have said.

10. I do more right that I do wrong
In addition to having a sluggish week I seem to be doing my fair share of stupid things these days.   Normally I’d beat myself up about these things but my new mantra is ‘I do more right than I do wrong’ and lo and behold I’m way more philosophical about my cock ups (like the €135 paid yesterday to repair the smashed glass panel in the front door after I locked myself out, and the kids in).

On that note I’m off for a nice cold start to the Bank Holiday – but for actual doses of wisdom head over to Lucy’s wonderful blog and have a look see.

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4 thoughts on “10 things I have learnt in Motherhood

    1. Ah yes Andrea, the bloody glass panel. Frankly, a pain in the hole – not least as €135 only replaced the horror 1970’s textured panel as it was and didn’t even get me a funky new type!! Lucky I’m being philosophical – i.e.having a glass of wine. I can retain my positive outlook! x

    1. Thanks T! I’d great fun putting it all on but man alive it was hard to lose!! Who knew these little bubbas aren’t mobile lipo! x

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