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I finished this knit cardi / jacket back in September just in time for the colder weather but the main reason it’s taken me til now to post is it’s a bugger to photo! The usual excuses of kids hanging out of me and a rapidly expanding pregnant belly haven’t helped matters but the real reason is that this is one of those long draped cardis that in a nice happy forest setting looks elegant and lovely, but laid flat on the dining room table / in a badly shot selfie, closely resembles a misshapen mountain of wool.

So, anyway here’s one I didn’t make earlier, on a body I didn’t have earlier and in a forest I certainly wasn’t in earlier.
This, my dears, is the Pickles model doing actual justice to the very lovely pattern ….

Imaginary me, minus kids, baby bump a generous few pounds –  and (most unusually) enjoying the solitude of a Scandinavian forest – not burning my hands while making dinner or running around late for work!

The cardi is knit using double strands of Pickles Merino Tweed and a single strand of Pickles Pure Alpaca which are really beautiful to knit with.  I bought the midnight blue / navy colour and treated myself to the kit so the yarn and pattern were delivered together and for once I didn’t have to a mix and match between ball bands and tensions.  The pattern was great and fairly easy to understand (except for a few times when my very silly brain led me astray).  The two changes I had to make though were that, to get the correct tension I had to take the needles up a size and I had to order some more wool to finish the arms.

Actual mountain of wool – Pickles Merino Tweed and Pure Alpaca


This was my first time doing cables and I was chuffed that they were actually quite easy.  The main challenge for me was when I was making sure I wasn’t leaving a hole in the fabric when I was ‘crossing the stitches’ over but other than that it was fairly handy.  I had watched a few handy videos on You Tube beforehand but I think because I was using big needles and large yarn it was easy enough.

The pattern is available for free in sizes L and XL (as a guide the L is plenty big for me and I’m a curvy but tall size 14) at: http://www.pickles.no/close-cables-coat/  The rest of the Pickles site is amazing and keep an eye out for their really funky patterns – many of which are free.

Note: photos of the ‘mustard’ cardi are very much courtesy of Pickles.  The pants navy ones are all my own! In fairness ‘borrowing’ the Pickles pics does much better credit to the lovely pattern!!

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