24th March 2013 Helen 0Comment

I was reading an article the other day about this crafty lady who was moving house and culling her stash of unfinished things to pack up. She admitted to 50 projects which needed finishing, and was making this whole event around finishing them off – I think just force her own hand, and was blogging about it as she went.

Christ! 50 projects!… humm…then I have to admit I’ve nothing to be smug about.  I’m a great one for the flurry of starting something new but not so great and finishing stuff off. The end result is an overflowing basket (and maybe a box or two) filled with little things that just need a little push to finish them – be it a few buttons or bits added. Ditto on blog posts – I don’t know how many half written posts (actually, 11) I have that just need a photo – which ‘just’ needs a toddler to stand still for half a second while wearing the latest creation or a cake to remain unnibbled for just one snap.

So I’m gutting my little pile of unfinished things and banning myself from starting anything new til I hack into the pile in the basket / draft list.  So far, it’s boring. Not reaching into the stash to make a few much needed cardis for the holidays has been the first hurdle.  The wool made its way out of the stash but I held back from casting on! Tragic! This makes quitting smoking look easy!

By the way, if I never mention all this again, the inevitable has happened.  Ideas can make it onto the pile too you know.

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