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I realise that most of the things I learn in the little world of knitting and crochet, I learn by myself often times with help from You Tube tutorials.  My last knitting classes were in Transition Year when I was about 15, and before that in national school aged about 7! Politely we’ll just put those down to being a few years ago.  I learnt crochet a few years back in four structured classes.  As I say, in the meantime, I’ve just trundled along getting better at my stitches and fabric making but pretty sure there was room for improvement.

My finished items don’t look tatty (please!) but I am conscious that I am often sewing in ends an hour before leaving the house while my two kids are trying to get me to come live in their ‘castle’ (the couch) and my husband is sighing in that uniquely male way that suggests a shop bought pressie would have sufficed this time! I’m normally good at blocking my larger pieces and lay them out to dry flat but with smaller items I’m generally in such a rush I don’t bother.  As for seams, I was doing the neatest job possible but, again rushed, and the end results were less than invisible!

So a few weeks back when I saw an ad for a class on the Wooly Way blog, in Winnie’s Craft Cafe in Booterstown for a Professional Finish Workshop, I reckoned that was for me.

The tag-line for the course was ‘Learn how to put your project together and give it the professional finish which takes your knitting from “home”made to “handmade”. It was €25 for two hours on a Saturday morning with a nice cup of mid-morning coffee included.  I didn’t let myself down when I noticed at 8pm the night before i needed to have eight 10x10cm squares completed for the class! (Cue more helpful signing from the corner.)

The class was great.  Happily I was the only one booked in so I had great opportunities to ask my most stupid questions! The teacher, Pauline, was lovely and showed me some great tricks, including: russian joins for joining balls / skeins of yarn; the full range of blocking and pressing techniques with particular tweaks for different yarn types; creating invisible seams for all types of joins and seams.  Handily Pauline gave me a follow up set of notes so I’ve no excuses now!

There’s a follow up class which I’d definately sign up to as family committments allow and I’m really hoping we can get Pauline over to our Marino / Fairview Knitting and Crochet Circle in the coming months. In the meantime she has lovely patterns on Ravelry that are worth a look – http://www.ravelry.com/people/pollykgee

A great course and well worth doing.

But for all my gift receiving friends – expect invisible seams but even later pressies!


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