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I’m being a bit rude ignoring that bright and shining thing on the right (I’ll pause while you take a look).  Yes, the nominations for the Irish Blog Awards 2014 are out and I’m delighted to be a nominee.

But there’s a twist.


Being a fan of all things woolen, crafty and handmade I sat in good company on the nominees list of the craft category last year. Hey, I even made it to the short list.  I was in the slipstream of like-minded makers and crafters. I was in with a gang of hand making crazies who see a toilet roll insert and ponder its potential as a bookshelf. I was at home.

This year though I’m not in with the crafty peeps. Oh no, I’m with the cool kids of the ‘lifestyle’ category. Oh crap.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of lifestyle, I’m thinking clean white walls and contemporary decor.  I’m thinking of a young couple, in pristine crisp white organic cotton pyjamas, sitting at their breakfast table with the one perfect child laughing lightheartedly as they eat breakfast. After they leave an immaculately clean table, they slip into ironed, repeat ironed, casual gear and head off for a family day of togetherness. In a quiet contemplative museum or gallery.

I’m thinking aspire, inspire, just ‘be’.

What I’m not thinking about is my lifestyle. I’m not thinking of half-dressed me feeding the baby, main-lining coffee and arguing with a three-year old about why she can’t wear her manky Yoda t-shirt again. I’m not thinking of my husband clearing Spidey’s rice crispies off the floor, while the ravenous child wails he has ‘nuttin to eat’. I’m not thinking of us eventually getting out the door only for said first-born to announce he has to ‘do a poo’. I’m not thinking of the time we went to the Natural History Museum and were asked to leave.

I’m not thinking shout, cajole and put the washing out.

‘Lifestyle’? I’m thinking ‘no style’.

But, hang on, I can do this. I’ve a spanking new WordPress format (why thank you, it is nice isn’t it?). I’ve a nominee’s badge. I’ve pretty pictures and posts on a ridiculous mix of loosely related subjects.  I can be a lifestyle enigma. I can have you guessing how many languages I speak, how concave my tummy is and how in the hell I have the wisdom of an 88-year-old Tibetan monk in the body of an exhausted 38-year-old mother of three.

This Busy Mama can own this goddam lifestyle.

So with some newfound mindfulness, meaningful looks and a quick mention of some lifestylish products I hope to pedal in the future, I say Namaste people.

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5 thoughts on “The Blog Awards 2014 and the emergence of my inner lifestyle guru

  1. Haha! Will you start a trend of brioche making/knitting/three-time-mummies with your ultra hip ways now Busy Mama? You have incredible power to influence; use it for world(blogosphere) domination 🙂

    1. Wouldn’t the world be a happier (and hippier) place if only anyone would listen – but sadly even my kids don’t hear me!!

  2. Don’t be coy, my lifestyle guru!! Congratulations on the nomination… The very category I’ve been nominated for too… But I reckon you will advance more readily than I thanks to your ultra-spiffy new website and envious-lifestyle-content 😉
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