5th March 2014 Helen

Like all new Mamas I’ve had my share of those dreaded moments when you realise your new baby is at last asleep snuggled in your arms (aka within sniffing distance of the boob), but that you are trapped at least three feet away from the bottle of water / remote control / phone, that you desperately need. And your husband isn’t even around to hear you hissing a ‘silent’ roar! Source: www.someecards.com   So as it’s not long to go before I become that rather comfie prisoner of a new, snuggly feeding baby I’m being very organised and trying to…

19th February 2012 Helen

I’m not completely sure it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve just signed up to Pinterest!!! I’ve a horrible feeling it’s going to be a sure fire way to give me too many more ideas / cravings for nice things but I just can’t help myself! So far my boards are a scattered mix of lovely creations, tasty recipes and snapshots of house ideas – for somewhere in New England where the weather is just fabulous! It has the potential to become quite addictive… yay!http://pinterest.com/thebusymamas/