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May 2015: before you read and fall in love with these babies, a reader has let me know this product is not for sale in Ireland at the moment. Feel free to read on – but don’t blame me if you’re left craving a pouch of delisciousness. Fingers crossed they return.

Thanks to Denise for the Intel.

If you’ve arrived here by Googling ‘suckies’ I’m afraid you may be disappointed to find this is a review of yoghurts. Yes, this post may yet give rise to one of those ‘how people found my blog’ posts. Now move on weirdos.

But I digress.

We were sent a stash of some new yoghurt – The Collective’s Suckies, a while back to see what my little connoisseurs made of them. Suckies are a kids’ range of portable pouch yoghurt available in four flavours – Kiwi, Pear and Apple; Sun Kissed Tropical, Sassy Strawberry and Peach and Apricot.  We were treated to three of the four flavours.

The CollectiveAround here we have a ‘hit and miss’ thing with yoghurt. We swing from the older two eating six in a row to me chucking out long-out-of-date yoghurt from the back of the fridge.  I used to buy own-brand Fromage Frais but bought branded ones on a splurge one time and admitted that they were an explosion of flavour in comparison. These days I buy Glenisk GoYos or Yoplait Frubes when they are on special but otherwise we mainly pick up the large tubs of Greek Yoghurt yoghurt from Aldi and add fruit or vanilla paste to taste.

I wasn’t familiar with The Collective brand before trying these but, having quickly read up on what I was reviewing (!), they are a gourmet New Zealand brand set up by two ex-chefs, which has gained a great International reputation for good food.

The Suckies themselves are a whole milk yoghurt sweetened with fruit and fruit sugars. They contain no GM ingredients, gluten, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or ‘bits’! They’re suitable for kiddies over 6 months old and are vegetarian friendly. The pouches are similar to the ones you get baby food in, animated with little hand drawn characters. The idea is that you take them out of the fridge or even better, the freezer and pack them in a lunchbox or picnic so they defrost as you go.

The packaging – and the little leaflets and magnet we were sent in our pack, are beautifully designed.  They definitely caught the eye of the monsters who spotted them lurking in the freezer ahead of schedule and wanted to try them there and then.  My own personal tasting was limited to a quick half mouthful I managed to rob when I opened Yoda’s but they were devoured in seconds by the hungry mob, which is a good reflection of their yummy-ness. They are absolutely gorgeous.  The Kiwi, Pear and Apple came a close second to the absolute favourite – the Peach and Apricot one.  The Strawberry was a jump up even from branded strawberry yoghurt and very tasty too.  The kids loved the concept of the little pouches and they are indeed handier than the Frubes / GoYos which can’t be closed once they’re open.

Undoubtedly the idea of the de-frosting pouch was successful and this worked well when we brought them on an after school adventure – though at that point my pair would have eaten anything from a Suckies pouch regardless of the serving temperature, so impressed were they by what they’d already tasted. The idea of being able to wander around and eat them without a spoon was pretty handy too and even my messy eater Spidey managed a clean school jumper afterwards.

In terms of serving size the Suckies portions are a generous 100g, as opposed to 40g Frube and GoYos so they are a much more substantial snack.

So far I’ve seen Suckies available in both Tesco and Dunnes, where the wider Collective gourmet yoghurt range is also available.  In terms of cost I noted they were €1.19 per pouch in both supermarkets this week and Tesco have a 3 for €3 deal on which brings them in at a €1 per pouch.  My first reaction was that they are very expensive but, to be fair, when compared to Frubes and GoYos on the basis of the serving size they are less pricey than I first thought. That said I only buy GoYos and Frubes on special offer so I’d apply the same criteria to bunging Suckies into my basket.

So all in all, Suckies are yummy, healthy kiddie desserts and very funky. Just let me know when they’re on special and I’d happily put them in our family shopping.

I was sent six Suckies and product information by The Collective, free of charge, for the purposes of review.  I was not paid to write this review and my opinions, as stated, are my own.

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10 thoughts on “Our ‘taste test’ of Suckies yoghurt pouches (a review)

    1. Hehe. I definately think older kids would poke fun at the name but i couldn’t fault the tastiness of the product itself! Definately one for the special offer watch!

  1. Helen, I read this earlier and have been laughing since!! And glad it’s not just me who has children who go through phases like that: can’t get enough of something one day and the next can’t bear the sight of it (one of my boys was eating 9-10 bananas a day so I had a stock of about 30 bananas at any one time. Until one day he just stopped. I think I still have some of those bananas in the freezer) Anyway, pardon the digression; I might even actually try these (if I see them on special offer!!), they would be great for days out! X
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  2. My kids love them but unfortunately they are not stocking shelves in Ireland anymore , nothing else compares to this product

    1. Crikey Denise, I didn’t know that. They were delish – but pricey. I wonder why they disappeared. Must add a little caveat!

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