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So, a while ago I wrote about my very ambitious plans for all those unfinished things that are lying at the bottom of my basket.  Somewhat stupidly I also self-imposed a sort of ban on starting new things.  Now, however unrealistic my plans for a sprint finish on the other stuff was, that was never really going to happen!  So while I’ve gotten stuck into new things it has been with the aim of stash-busting – with perhaps a little ulterior motive on the side.

Well the short story is that I’ve managed to finish off quite a few of the lingering things – though a few are still hanging around.  I’ve a few belated pressies that are at last winging their way to some very patient people and the kiddies have some new little friends that are much loved and already mangalated. There is ‘Sheepy’ the extra-terrestrial sheep – which even looks massive in the hands of my massive child, and the lovely ‘Lila Pig’ with her cute curly tail!  I’ve knocked out a few plain cardis for the little lady using up some stashed Debbie Bliss Prima and patterns from the Sirdar Bamboo knits book, all of which are by now well worn in.

Sheepy and Lila were made using some leftover DK wool I has stashed and the very easy patterns from  Debbis Bliss Farmyard Knits.

My favourite ‘stash user’ is my new WIP basket.  I had packets of Louisa Hardis Fleuris in various colours which I hadn’t really been using. I used up about 30 balls – in grey,a deep blue / green and a bottle green. Originally made for stashing newspapers at the side of the couch, I’m now refusing to hand over this one as it’s really lovely.  I loosely based the pattern I found on Pinterest (http://crochetincolor.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/ombre-basket-pattern.html) but I have to admit that after the initial increases I stopped counting and just played it by ear.  I love it!

And after all that busting, a little stash building has of course been my reward.  I love the Pickles website and have knit a few things using their (free) patterns before but this time I’ve treated myself and the little lady to some really nice wool kits for a new jumper and cardi/coat. Here’s sneaky peak…

Yay me!
Happy weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Stash busting with a higher purpose

  1. Hi Helen,
    Im interested in your farm animal knits by Debbie Bliss. I once owned this book, but have since passed it to my Mum in Australia. I started the cat in that book, years ago, and like you found him in the bottom of a knitting basket. I have a photocopy of the pattern but just cant picture what she is telling me to do. Could you help me out if you still have the book?
    The body and legs instructions are:
    Cast on 40 sts inst st until work is a square. Cast off.
    Then in making up:
    Join each of the 4 corners of body and leg pieces together for approx. 6 cm to form legs. What does that mean? How do I make legs from a square?

    Would be so grateful if I could finish the cat and give it to my niece.

    Thanks so much,

    1. Sally, not only do I still have the book but I also have a half finished fella hidden inside ANOTHER basket!! Let me dig it out and I’ll post a few pics of how it’s done. It’ll be a good encouragement for me to finish the one I started (a baby sheep) and the second you see it you’ll be totally clear. I shod have it up by the end of the week. H

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