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I really needed some auto-pilot knitting the last few weeks. Waiting for Woodie’s last test results had me tired and narky – and not in the mood for counting. We’re well engrossed in Sons of Anarchy so I really wanted something not too distracting lest I miss some very dodgy Irish accents or a murder or three.  The husband suggested not knitting. Lucky for him no needles were within reach.

So I ditched my to-do list and let some easy knits for Yoda and some little friends hop to the top of the queue. Talk about running with it – I have now made (and actually finished) four toddler cardigans in two weeks.  They were lovely super chunky knits that were easy and turned out lovely.  The kind of thing you’d nearly rip back just to do them all over again. Or maybe not.

The first two knits are the Speedy Nubbly cardigan by Taiga Hilliard. I bought the pattern on Ravelry.  I had 10 balls of Sirdar Indie that were falling out of my new ‘hidden stash’ – aka the wardrobe, every morning and literally begging to get used up. I used up the lot on the Nubbly in sizes 3T and 4T and also on Taiga’s Speedy Shrug in a 4T.

The cardigan is knit top-down in stocking stitch changing to a simple textured stitch for the main skirt. The pattern was very straight forward, if sometimes lacking in detail – for example in the addition of the stitches to create the ‘skirt’ of the cardigan.

The pattern is for sizes from newborn to 6T – though to be fair it would be very easy to work out larger sizes when you’ve worked with the pattern once.  The sizing was good – though I worked one size up as I reckon these are the kind of tops the girls will get a good stint out of.  There are happily no seams to sew at the end – though I did damp pin and block the bottom of the cardi as it was rolling.

Indie is a super chunky wool – acrylic mix and was lovely to knit with. The red, orange and purple colours are amazing. I’d picked it up last year at the Knitting and Stitching Show along with some Sirdar Snuggle, and it was a great price.  I’d also picked up these little brown faux leather buttons which go great with the colours and are chunky enough for little toddler fingers to manage.

I’ll post the other Sirdar cardis as soon as my toddler model decides to co-operate and pick whether her button is tobe green or pink. Diva!

Now to go back to the stack of unfinished WIPs in the basket.

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    1. Thanks a mill Naomi! I bet you one cup of tea and a large bun that you’d honestly fly this with just a little help. It’s honestly honestly very simple but it does look great – even if my little model wouldn’t stay still long enough for an action shot!! x

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