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While himself has been away, I’ve been indulging in a whole host of Netflix programmes that he’d never partake in! Yay!


I was on a bit of a documentary roll and gorged on the ever brilliant Louis Theroux back catalogue – with everything from alien hunting desert dwellers to religious zealots getting the quirky and charming Louis’ treatment. ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ may sound like I was really, really enjoying all this ‘lone time’ but I hate to burst any bubbles. It’s the well put together documentary by the very fabulous Rashida Jones on the amateur porn business in the States. Unsurprisingly it is enough to make your skin crawl but equally it challenges any of us bleeding heart liberals to stand over our defence of a woman’s choice to use her body to make some fast cash – even if that woman is 17 and maybe not entirely clear on the consequences of an Internet that does not forget. Not at all hard going, it’s well worth a look.

Not willing to sneak into some Homeland in my lovely husband’s absence, I dabbled in some new series but nothing stuck.  I tried How to Get Away with Murder but found murder suspects who were about as well groomed as I was at my own wedding, a little hard to take seriously.  On a recommendation from my lovely friend Ciara – always a good wan for these things, I started Spotless but was caught-out by himself and made to stop a mere three episodes in! It’s great – a very quirky crime series based in London and it holds great promise as an Autumn staple.  I gorged on some old school favourites – Ab Fab and Arrested Development – seriously, you can never go wrong.

And then I found myself watching Chelsea. Now, for some non-specific reason I’ve never particularly liked Chelsea Handler.  Maybe there’s only room for one mouthy blonde in our televisual relationship but I always found her a little grating. Or a lot grating. But I concede I’m doing a u-turn.  She possesses that remarkable quality loved on this side of the Atlantic; a great ability to take the piss out of herself.  Her show is a mixed bag of stand-up; slightly staged skits and interviews with celebrities.  It’s funny, she’s funny. And strangely enough I can be guaranteed no husband-directed-backlash for getting stuck in. Win, win.

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