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At last. The epic is over! The Roses and Daisies blanket is complete and, I have to admit, it really is beautiful!

This is a 40th wedding anniversary gift for my parents – albeit a year or so late!  I blogged about this back in June and (optimistically) thought I’d be finished within a few weeks but the little delays like holidays and kid related mayhem meant it took slightly longer.

The pattern came from Crocheted Throws and Wraps: 25 Throws, Wraps and Blankets to Crochet, and was quite simple. The original pattern used 99 squares for a 83 x101 cm blanket. I wanted a much larger blanket – perfect as a  comforter for a bed or throw for a couch, so I used 231 squares and the finished blanket is 11 x 21 squares, 90 cm x 185cm. I guess that’s where the task became epic!


I mentioned before – http://thebusymamas.ie/?p=147, that I found it faster to make up stacks of my flowers in rounds and this really worked out well. Also the pattern used a 3.5mm hook but I preferred a 4mm one for a softer texture.

I used a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn in Ecru as the ‘base’ colour.  I honestly have no idea how much wool I used in total as I used many, many odds and ends but think I went through about 1100g of the Cashmerino Aran. 


Using Colour 1, make a 5ch and close into a ring with a ss.

Round 1: 1ch, 8dc in ring, ss in first dc [8 sts]

Round 2: 1ch, 2dc in same place as ss, 2dc in each of the next 7dc, change to Colour 2, ss in first dc.

Continuing in Colour 2.. Round 3: [3ch, 3tr in next dc, remove hook, insert in top of the first tr, catch loop and pull through, 3ch, 1dc in foll dc] 8 times omitting last dc, change to Colour 3, ss in first dc.

Continuing in Colour 3.. Round 4: 4ch, 3dtr in same place as ss, [1ch, 4dtr in next dc] 7 times, 1 ch, ss in 4thch. Fasten off.

Using base colour (my Ecru), join in 1ch sp.

Round 5: 4 ch, 1tr in same sp as join, *4ch, 2dc in next 1ch sp, 4ch, [1tr, 1ch, 1tr] in foll 1ch sp, rep from * two more times, 4ch, 2dc in next 1ch sp, 4ch, ss in 3rd ch.

Round 6: 2ch, *[1tr, 1ch, 1tr] in next 1ch sp, 1htr in next tr, 4dc in next 4ch sp, 1dc in each of next 2dc, 4dc in foll 4ch sp,1htr in next tr, rep from *3 more times omitting last htr, ss in 2nd ch.


Using Colour 1, make a 6ch and close into a ring with a ss.

Round 1: 1ch, 12dc in ring, change to Colour 2, ss in first dc [12 sts]

Continuing in Colour 2.. Round 2: 4ch,1dtr in same place as ss, 2dtr in each of the next 11dc, ss in 4th ch [24 sts]. Fasten off.

Join Colour 3 between two pairs of dtr.. Round 3: 2ch, 2trtog in same place as a join, [3ch, 3trtog between next two pairs of dtr] 11 times, 3ch, ss in 2trtog. Fasten off.

Using base colour (my Ecru), join in 3ch sp. Round 4: 1ch, 4dc in same 3ch sp, *[2tr, 1ch, 2tr] in foll 3ch sp, 4dc in each of next two 3ch sps, rep  from * two more times, [2tr, 1ch, 2tr] in next 3ch sp, 4dc in last 3ch sp, ss in first dc.

Round 5: 1ch, *1dc in each of 4dc, 1dc in tr, 1htr in next tr, [1tr, 1ch,1tr] in 1ch sp, 1htr in next tr, 1dc in foll tr, 1dc in each of next 4dc, rep from * 3 more times, ss in first dc. Fasten off.

A double crochet seam binds each square to its neighbouring squares. I really enjoyed co-ordinating the colours and watching it all come together. I found that using diagnol seams meant I had less ends to sew in. Once all the squares are in place I did a single round of double crochet (with 3 dc in each 1ch sp at the corners) followed by around of crab stitch (reverse dc). 

And ta da, a year later, there you have it!!!


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6 thoughts on “Roses and Daisies: The End!

  1. Wow wow! What a fantastic looking blanket . Well done ! Just followed you here from that knitters & crocheters blog list & what a lovely blog you have ! & a recipie for soda bread too !!! Just what I was looking for !! I’m now a follower and hope you can pop by & check out my blog sometime ! 🙂
    Siubhan x
    @ craftlee

    1. Ah thanks so much Siubhan! I have loads of half written posts that I’m promising to finish off any day now so now we can share our bread and crochet addictions!!!!xx

  2. I have just started making this blanket in and I came across your project on Ravelry. I am intending to make it bigger too and I am beginning to realise that it is a huge task. Your’s is beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Julie! It really is a big project but it’s well worth it! Initially I just plodded along with my squares but to really pick up the pace I made up stacks of say round 1 of the daisies, then added the second rounds etc. I really found that helpful in picking up some momentum. I’d love to hear how you get on so please keep me posted x

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