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A post on toilet training our three-year old boy.

Last Tuesday, my son – aged three years and one day, announced he didn’t want to nappies anymore. Happy days! We had tried two fairly gentle attempts at toilet training a few months back.  I had read the training books. He had ones with great pictures and even flushing noises! We had a potty and a ladder seat all set up and ready.  I had explained how toilets work.  He recited it back to me. I told him he was a big boy and this was part of growing up. But it just didn’t happen. Each attempt had been hastily abandoned as the washing piles grew, my patience ran out and, more importantly, it became extremely obvious that this little guy simply didn’t care!

So without much of a to-do we went back to pull ups and uninterrupted plays, silent moments behind the couch where he liked to ‘do his business’ and a bin that stinks. He wasn’t ready and until he was this simply wasn’t going to happen.  I wasn’t sure that he noticed that, when he returned to creche, he was one of the only ones in his class in nappies.  It didn’t bother us and we just ignored any puzzled faces – which can probably be attributed to the fact that he looks about a year older than he is. We decided we’d wait til he was ready – whenever that was.


So it all changed last week. Pretty much out of the blue he told me he was ‘going to be like everyone else’ and wear pants.  We put the pants on straightaway and spent the rest of the day asking gently if he needed to go, being told he was too busy, and five minutes later cleaning up puddles. He was in creche Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and, though there were a few accidents, he happily went to the loo when his friend was going.  At home it wasn’t as easy to distract him into going but we were doing ok.  It has been a good weekend. There have been only a few accidents but none of the weeing, splashing and stamping of earlier days. Our visits to the loo are quick and resisted less.  I pretend he’s a fireman, he tells me his willy is a fire-hose, and away we go! If it works, don’t knock it. 

It’s hard to learn something new and, as simple as it sounds, the best bit of advice we had was to wait til we really thought he was ready.It sounds obvious but it’s true and hopefully, though we’ve a bit to go yet, we’re on the other side of it.  Now its time to start collecting funny anecdotes about the most embarrassing places he wees.

I’m such a proud mama!

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