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I made it to breakfast with the kids this morning. We’ve five more days of creche and then roll on 9 months of mummy time. Dear jesus. Time to re-set my 24 hour feeding frenzy clock and get a week of normal rising under my belt before regime-change kicks in. It’s all very ‘wise’ and that but in reality I’ll be a heap of exhaustion in 6 days time kicking myself for not staying in bed while I could!  It was an opportune time for a chat over cornflakes.  I’ve been rummaging around the blog and noticing the things I said I’d overhaul months ago but never did, one of which was to give ‘proper’ blog pseudonyms to the kiddos.

So I ask them what do they want to be called. After about five minutes of them telling me their real names, middle ones, address and phone numbers – and without a long drawn-out conversation about the loveliness of anonymity on the web, here’s what they came up with.

Predictably: 4-year old boy: Spiderman.

Unpredictably: his favourite woollen sheep (not often a feature of the blog to be fair) Fluffy McDuffy.

Inappropriately: 2-year old girl: Foxy …. which following some negotiations was changed to ‘Yoda’ after she accepted that being called the same name as her favourite toy could be confusing (while glossing over the Daily Mail-esque horror of calling a toddler ‘foxy’.)

Topically: ‘the real’ Foxy: Luke

Simply: the 3.5week old reverts to his pregnancy name of Woodie.

Neither of them have ever even seen Spiderman or Star Wars so christ knows what they are thinking but sure we’ll run with it for now. One toddler, one vote and all that.


For any future readers who think I’m great/mad/very out-there for calling my kids Spiderman, Yoda and Woodie, I really, really hope you find this post.

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8 thoughts on “One Toddler, One Vote: Democratic elections of blog pseudonyms

  1. Ha ha, I would hate to even broach this with my children!!! Many names pertaining to nether regions later, I’d have to give up 🙂

    1. Since the baby was born, every second sentence out of Yoda’s mouth E has included her favourite ‘bagina’ word – including a very cuddly ‘ah look woodie, mummy pushed you out of da bagina’. It simply amazes me she missed the opportunity. Phew!!

    1. My logic is that if I give them control over the little things Sinéad, surely then the bigger battles are mine?!?!?
      But by mid May I may just stage a mikitary coup and regain control!!

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