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This month the kiddies have been staying retro and still enjoying Inspector Gadget. Car journeys have become actually enjoyable (my three are real car whingers) since they like to imagine that we are being followed by M.A.D. agents working for the evil Dr.Claw. Clearly, it’s anything for a quiet life round here.  They’ve also being going mad for The Smurfs (spot my influence once more!) and a new one called Oscar’s Oasis whichhas them falling around laughing. It’s a short non-verbal cartoon about a little lizard living in the desert, with lots of calamitous accidents and slapstick humour. I have to admit it’s very funny.  Justin Time and the Wild Kratts have also been dabbled in and seemed to go down well.

One of the big kid shows this month is Veggie Tales in the House. After my success of getting Spidey to fall in love with carrots this might be a winner but I need to check the age recommendation because on our U-setting for the kids, it won’t play. In fairness, the parental control is a feature of Netflix I love but I really should check what’s going on there.  One week into the Christmas mania they’ve watched two Christmas movies – The Toys The Saved Christmas – a sentimental old tale all about orphans (aren’t they all) and toys saving Christmas, and Mickey’s Twice Before Christmas – which they loved, and which got them into the festive mood.

November Netflix Collage

This month us grownups flew through the first two seasons of House of Cards. I was really on the fence about watching this having loved the original back on in the day, but it is a brilliant showand I’m looking forward to the next season.  Since finishing that we’re back on Season 6 of House MD and have then to return to the last two seasons of Breaking Bad.  All perfect accompaniments to my stack of Christmas knitting!

The next exciting new arrival on Netflix is All Hail King Julien featuring that mad little lemur from the movie Madagascar.  The brand new TV series features a new cast of fantastic, colourful characters joining King Julien himself, along with his second-in-command Maurice, and the eternally devoted Mort. It promises to be a new family favourite and premiers  on 19 December, only on Netflix!

King Julien

To celebrate King Julien’s arrival, Netflix are hosting a coronation party at the Odeon Cinema at the Point Village in Dublin at 12.30pm on Sunday 14 December.  My lucky readers have a chance to win tickets for a family of four to attend the premier and a year’s Netflix subscription!

To enter the competition just follow the link below –  but hurry, the competition will close on Friday 5th December, with the winner announced that evening.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck to everyone. My knitting and an episode of House are calling. God, I really do live a rock and roll life!

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given, free of charge, an Apple TV and year-long subscription to the Netflix streaming service ,for the purposes of monthly Netflix updates.  At all times the opinions given will be independent and my own. 

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