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My November has been ridiculously busy but I don’t really have much to show for it – hence so few posts!

One of my oldest friends is getting married at the end of this week so the last month has been chocca with   dress fittings, hen parties, pressies and the like. It’s a lovely time to catch up with old friends and carries the added bonus that myself and my husband will have our first night away together since our daughter was born a long 18 months ago!

My kids are happy out – though we’ve had a few bumps along the way with my little one getting a bad chest infection and being a bit low for a week or so, and her big brother kicking off about his three day week in creche! Nights were turned upside down between her coughing and his 3am rants and shouts. Nice!

On all things Craft-tastic our little Knit and Natter got off to a great start with 5 ladies from the area attending and apologies from another 4. We’re a mixed crew of all abilities but its lovely to start something so nice and productive for our winter nights. We’re going to aim for a regular meet up each month and see how we get on. My fellow organiser Raphaele at ‘La Creature and You‘ has taken to crochet like a duck to water so it’s early proof of our little skill swapping experiment!

My making has shifted from halloween to all things Christmas! So far its been a little collection of decorations, the beginnings of a few pressies, a stack of cards and the tackiest Christmas hat ever (it even has sparkles)!

Photos will just have to wait cos I’m off to enjoy my hot chocolate and listen to the rain pelting against the window!

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