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2014.  You were, to put it politely, a bit of a fucker and I’ll be glad to see the back of you. The highs were high – the obvious healthy and happy trio of children, but the lows were unforgettably awful bastards that I hope never to meet again.

And so to thoughts of the new year.

2015 promises changes. At some point (apparently) we’ll move house and start a new chapter after over 10-years (me, the glorified squatter) and 15-years (him, the real northsider) in Marino. I go back to work in February from whence no maternity leave shall ever again release me (actual sob).  We’ll say goodbye to many of our baby stages as all of Woodie’s exciting firsts in 2015 will be our lasts. At some point he’ll crawl, waddle and toddle and never shall we have a small, quiet babe in arms again.

It’s a while since I wrote any New Year’s resolutions.  When I was much younger and way more stupid I’d tame my scrawling handwriting and set to fill in the annual diary entries for late December / early January.  I’d first go to the ‘name, address and next of kin’ section. Once I nominated Johnny Depp for the ‘next of kin’ honour thinking this could surely lead to us meeting up and overcoming some practical issues (such as my status as a corpse) to live happily ever after. The I’d turn to my list of resolutions which – as an exceptionally boring teenager would be the usual nonsense – study, stop cursing, stop threatening my younger brother, get thin.  Naturally all would be abandoned by mid January, at which point the brother returned to his natural status as a marked man.

These days I’m either too pragmatic or defeatist to think that an arbitrary date in the depths of mid Winter is any better date than any other to change things around. That said *back-tracks dramatically in the interests of a blog post and a snoop into other people’s minds*, I’ve set my sights on some things I’d like to do for myself this year so here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. Imagine my 2015 

I’m taking my inspiration from Mariella Fostrup who, writing in The Guardian earlier this week, described an annual tradition.  She writes her dream scenario for an imagined time 12 months in the future.  There, often on just a scrap of paper, she scribbles an apparently far-off description of what may be, and has delighted in looking back and realising that so many of her dreams have come true, even if in roundabout ways and over longer times.

I love the idea of taking charge and writing a new narrative for the year ahead.  It’s such a positive thing to do and the polar opposite of creating a list of naughty things that I can’t do – which inevitably makes me want to do ALL of them at the same time!

This is a deserving No. 1 on my list.

2. Record reality

The perils of digital cameras.  I realised a while back that I’m in the habit of deleting loads of pictures because I thought they weren’t nice / kind / flattering or because I look fat / wrecked / bereft of makeup / generally homeless. Now in fairness, I do often look all of these things but the photos are a snapshot of life at the moment and I don’t want to look back and realise I have no pictures of me enjoying/enduring my kids younger years.

I’ve sworn to maintain a warts-and-all account of things – even if they aren’t the snaps I’ll eventually print out and rest on the (new) mantlepiece.  Naturally these will also give me a good stock of pics to feel smug about as I enter my late thirties and at last earn those BUNS OF STEEL.

3. Take a little time

Everything I do, I do in a rush. I’m trying to apply the brakes a little. Trying.

4. Learn new things

I’d love to swear that this list includes ‘learn tantric sex tricks’, but nah.  On my nerd ‘to do’ list I’ve lovely things I want to learn to do – like make a pair of socks, master Fairisle stranding,  and crochet a lovely new chevron throw. I’m thinking something new every two months is a realistic target. Maybe, if by September I’m feeling all crafted out of it, I’ll turn my attention to the tantric stuff.

5. Be nice to myself

Seasonal favourites for a reason this is a broad and general one and I’m lashing everything in here from ‘go to bed earlier’ to ‘buy some new clothes’ to ‘get walking’. The first step is putting away the Quality Street. At the next ad break.

6. Spend more time with people over 1.5m tall

I’m pretty sure this takes in all of those on my list of favourite people – namely my husband and friends.  I’m happy to go quality over quantity with a few dinners, drinks and conversations uninterrupted by sticky handed mini people. And there will be wine, plenty of it.

2015  'to do'

So now fellow bloggers, nail your colours to the mast and let us know what’s on the cards for you this year. When you’re done, include this badge and add your link below. For all other nosey-parkers, write it down and make it happen.

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And to you all, may you have a really lovely 2015.

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37 thoughts on “Imagining the New Year – a blog linky

    1. Isn’t it a wonderfully positive idea Emily! Her original description in the article on the scraps of paper she’s accumulated over the years is wonderful. Taking 5 minutes to do it is my pressie for myself

  1. Great linky and love the different slant on it 🙂 I’ve never been a fan of new years I’ve always thought it depressing as I find myself looking back over the year that just went by. So instead I’m now going to imagine my year ahead and hopefully join the linky

    1. Thanks D! I loved Mariella’s idea and its such a great fit for mums with no time for the loo let alone writing a novella for the year ahead! I’m all about the year ahead so looking forward to reading what you’ve got planned!

    1. I swear tantric updates will be subject to advance warning!!!

      You’ve big changes ahead in 2015 – and a fab imagination to boot. This is right up your street!!

    1. You’re an expert resolution maker Andrea so I’m looking forward to reading all about this year’s plans.
      It’s lovely to look forward. Sadly I’ve yet to put the Quality Street away but sure there’s always tomorrow! X

  2. Thank you Helen you’ve got me thinking! Hmmm…question is am I brave enough to write down where I want to be!? or what I would like to have done in 12 months! Exciting, scary and motivating all at the same time! Best of luck with all the house packing-it will be worth it!!! Happy NEW year! Uxx

    1. My scribbled on scrap will remain a closely guarded secret – not least as all hopes will depend on a LARGE lotto win!! You’ve such an exciting year ahead with your fab new venture – it’s a great time to imagine what might be!

  3. Great post!Love the dream scenario idea.Isnt that what they say about successful people-that they actually write down their goals,something about committing pen to paper makes your goals more tangible or perhaps I made that up in a turkey/roses/mince pies/wine coma.Eitherway Happy New Year and hope 2015 is a great one for you!x
    Aedín recently posted…Mini heart failureMy Profile

    1. Apparently so Aedin! As a lover cigarettes in a former life those books always said ‘see yourself as a non-smoker’ and maybe it worked. That said my imagination hasn’t extended to seeing myself rich or skinny!!
      Happy new year to all you guys and fingers crossed for lots of homemaking in 2015 xx

  4. I hate resolutions – they bring out the contrary toddler in me and make me want to do the exact opposite – and am usually more likely to start a new regime in September than January; but if any deep thoughts sneak up on me in the next few days I’ll let you know…
    Maud recently posted…14 from ’14My Profile

    1. Find teh five minutes to do it T (she says still not having done her own)! It’ll be lovely to look back at.

  5. Lovely idea and will also be imagining a future event and checking back in twelve months time. I am working on my contribution to your linky as I type (while watching tv at the same time) so maybe my first point of focus should be to reduce the “multitasking” to appropriate and do-able things 🙂
    Naomi Lavelle recently posted…14 from ’14 – a little blog reflectionMy Profile

    1. Oh meet your sister! THe old ‘doing 5 things at once’ trait is all very well til you realise everything takes 10 times longer! Looking forward to having a read of what 2015 has in store x

  6. This is a lovely idea. I don’t make resolutions at new year, but on my birthday, so I like the idea of just general goals for the start of the year. I like number 1, it’s a wonderful way of seeing where you were at the beginning and how the end matches up. Although I think I’d be far to anxious about the two matching up that I’d be a nervous wreck the whole year through! Will definitely join up.
    Muuka recently posted…14 from 14My Profile

    1. Oh the birthday is a nice idea Muuka – unless you’re making yourself do horrible things like giving up chocolate!
      I totally agree about No 1 and would say its even more interesting to look back over a few years and see how things have a funny way of working out – or not!

    1. Thanks Aileen! Just put down a few scribblings and stuff them somewhere safe for yourself to have a look at next year.I reckon it’ll be really really interesting to see what comes off.
      Happy new year!

    1. It’s day 6 and i’m failing Ali so i deleted the FB app on my phone!! This way i may, just may, pee while just talking to the kids but not also reading the news!!! #smallsteps

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