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I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a little bit shocked to find we are now officially in November … not least because I’m running up to the proverbial teacher a little late with my Netflix Stream Team October homework.

I’ll give myself major kudos this month for not having fallen into the habit of relying on the telly while battling being mega tired, a rainy midterm break and the constant high maintenance house viewings.  Bar one pyjama day during the break, I’ve been holding fast to the 5pm tv deadline. I’m finding that – just like with the Freesat box before it, Netflix is a very handy way to have something that the kids actually want watch all ready to roll when telly time rolls around. This avoids the mindless ‘telly in the background’ thing that I absolutely hate.

The kiddies are having a bit of retro month here. Looking through the kiddie catalogue I was chuffed to find Inspector Gadget which I loved as a kid. Lo and behold my guys love it think Penny and Brain are just hilarious and are going around roaring the catchy song. They are simply mad about it – and I’m delighted because it’s funny, totally harmless and I can understand it! The other big hit is a little programme called Busytown Mysteries, based on Richard Scarry’s Busytown characters Huckle, Lowly and Sally. We’ve had a stack of Scarry’s books out from the library in recent months so they recognised the characters and loved the mysteries being solved by the funny characters. In movies, their Saturday night movie last weekend was Asterix and Obelix in The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. For a movie that was made the year their mother was born (1976 to save you all from looking it up), it was a major hit.  I was addicted to the Goscinny and Underzo books back in the day and was delighted that they loved the movie and the ‘in-jokes’ like Dogmatix the puppy, so much.  The movie had a lot of bashing (much to Spidey’s delight) but wasn’t sinister or scary at all.  There was a dodgy Goddess dancing scene with plenty of generous cleavage but in fairness that’s no more than they see around our breakfast table on any given morning! The other stand out movie of the month was the Fox and the Hound 2 which had the pair of them were laughing out loud.  They also discovered the Land Before Time movies and were hooked on those cute little dinosaur’s adventures.   As well as the golden oldies, they tried out a few of the newbie offerings like Winx Club but were unimpressed (sorry Netflix!). My pair aren’t shy of loving the girlie stuff but they just weren’t interested and wandered off about fifteen minutes in. We also had a brush with Horrid Henry which I admit they loved but I wasn’t delighted with as they were manic and cheeky after.  Henry is currently on my ‘naughty step’ so he’s on the banned list for now! November CollageAs for the grown ups, when we’ve not been busy filling in mortgage forms and washing floors, we’ve watched and loved Danish – Swedish crime drama The Bridge II which we missed on the BBC earlier on in the year.  It was brilliant tv – and nearly as good as the first season which was tv perfection (and which is also handily available on Netflix).  We also dabbled in a few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Being honest (again, gulp) we’re both less than hooked so far but – in fairness to Netflix this is the handy thing, we’ll plug away with a few more and see how we fare before writing it off completely.

In terms of features I’ve once more been delighted with the parental controls on the Netflix system. We were looking for something the other day (crikey knows what) but as it wasn’t a PG movie it wouldn’t play on the kids user panel.  We are really quite conversative about that stuff so we were delighted.  On that same point though I want to see if I can password protect my own user panel in case the kids end up ‘accidentally’ end up watching Sons of Anarchy or some such!!  I have also discovered the secret to minding the ridiculously small Apple TV control – entrust it to a 5 year old. He’s so attached to the bloody thing (I’ve seen it disappearing into the jacks) that if it goes missing I reckon it’ll be within a meter of him! So far, so good on that score.

And for any of you that – unlike me, are partial to a little horror movie or two, check out the seasonal Halloween option on your Netflix to see a great range of horrible stuff. I’d personally have stuffed Horrid Henry in there but for now its just the really scary stuff that you’ll find in there.

Next up, more Gadget for them and the last season or two of House, MD which we unexplicable dropped a few years back. Ahhh, it’s a hard auld life.

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given, free of charge, an Apple TV and year-long subscription to the Netflix streaming service ,for the purposes of monthly Netflix updates.  At all times the opinions given will be independent and my own. Clearly!

Images sourced from: Winx Club – Netflix; Busytown Mysteries -www.gameinformer.com ; Horrid Henry – www.wikia.com; Inspector Gadget – IMDB.

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4 thoughts on “My (very honest) Netflix Stream Team October update

    1. There’s a random non-sequential sprinkling of them there Lisa and my pair really liked them. I remember then from my babysitting days about 20 years ago but they’ve aged really well. Well done Mr Bluth!

  1. This is great – mine are flying through series after series on Netflix so I’m always looking for new ideas. They watched all of Horrid Henry, unfortunately, and seemed impressed with Henry himself which worried me greatly! They loved Winx Club, which is way too advanced and silly, so I’m always on the lookout for more age-appropriate stuff. They recently watched all of Phineas and Ferb, which I really liked. Now it’s something about pets…seems safe enough.
    Keep going with OITNB – it does become compulsive!
    And totally with out on the TV in the background thing – though in our house it’s simply that the kids would spend all day watching it – it would be centre of attention rather than background. So we have to have very specific “telly time” too. I’ve raised addicts…
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    1. Great stuff – Phineas and Ferb are now on our list!!! Gadget has them laughing out loud! Some of the gadgets are – like the tiny mobile, are now such a part of their lives but they still think its very futuristic!!! Aldo check out Babar – its great and nicely bold – unlike Henry!
      Hubby has a study deadline aporoaching so i may see if OITNB is a girl thing. It gets such good reviews.

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