4th January 2013 Helen 2Comment

After two babies in two years, a three week spell of coughing has put my pelvic floor to the test. It has failed. Miserably!

By adult standards our Christmas was quiet. A never ending barrage of colds and doses transformed my plans for indulgence to two hot ports on New Year’s Eve!  From a toddler’s point of view (is there any other?!), there were whole days spent in pyjamas, too many new toys to count and afternoon movie parties.In otherwords, it was great! My three year old announced ‘I liked Christmas Mama. Can we have it again’.  I think that’s a rave review!

I keep saying I have no new years resolutions but the fact I’m off caffeine and just in from a quick walk via the local veggie shop suggests otherwise. Then again I’m now back on the couch, enjoying a few hours of uninterrupted crochet time. I’ve a funky new tea cosy to finish….watch this space.

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2 thoughts on “(Nearly) Resolution-free January

  1. Hi Helen.
    And happy new year !! I hear you about that pelvic floor … You never miss it till its gone 🙁 ! Well done you off the caffeine ! Ive given up the drink for Jan, if I gave up the caffeine too heads would roll !

    Siubhán x

  2. After being dosed for all the holidays Siubhán I’m sworn to have a boozy January albeit it without caffeine to make the next morning easier! We can be on complementary health kick regimes!!! x

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