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As the arrival of little Woodie approached, I abandoned a stack of nearly finished projects to fast-track some newborn cardigans and a new cover for the breastfeeding pillow. Just this week I, at last, got a few hours to finish, block and wear this new scarf which is all for me!


The patten is the Wavy Bias Scarf by Stitchnerd Designs which I bought for a few Euro on Ravelry. I made it up using some long stashed Louisa Harding Merletto yarn from my not-fast-shrinking stash. This is a funny wool with a blend of synthetic and natural fibres – Rayon, Nylon and Linen. It has a lovely metallic fleck in it but has a long drape and the texture is a little rough so I had never used it for a cardigan for pink-loving Yoda.  The colour is a coral-pink ‘rose pink’ – not usually my type of colour but I have to say it works
The pattern is fairly simple but did require a little thinking through on my part (possibly due to baby brain). In case anyone else is feeling a bit dense I’ll boil it down like this: the end shape is a long non-symmetrical triangle, with a lace edge along the two shortest edges.  You start on one ‘tip’ with a very small number of stitches, and increase the width as you go. When the scarf is the right length, you create a small turn, starting the second edge and then reduce the width of the main section of the scarf until reaching the second tip and casting off.
The width of the lace edge stays the same throughout with the main ‘triangular’ section of the fabric being plain knit on the bias. This means that by the time you start the second edge you should have reached the desired scarf length as the second edge doesn’t increase the overall length of the scarf by more than a few centimeters.The lace pattern itself is fairly simple and, after a few repeats, you make good progress and can actually watch the telly!
The main advantage of the pattern is the flexibility to use varying yarn weights and amounts.   As you can try the scarf for size as you go, you can tailor the number of pattern repeats to suit any weight and amount of yarn, to simply get a scarf of a desired scarf. A perfect stash buster so! There is plenty of guidance on Ravelry for using various yarns, including project photos, so you can get a good idea about what yarns are suitable.
The finished scarf used about 230g (5 balls) of Merletto and is c 180cm long, and 34cm wide at the ‘point’ where the edge turns.

I’m loving it and have already been advised by a very serious Yoda that she really needs a mini one!

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4 thoughts on “Merletto Wavy Bias Scarf

  1. Love these! I’m dying to get into crochet but too many other projects to finish first 🙂 I found you via Get your Craft On on fb x

    1. Thanks S – but don’t worry about having to learn crochet – it’s knit!! Can’t beat the Get your Craft On threads for lovely making ideas. x

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