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I mentioned a few months back that I was setting up an informal meet up in our local area for anyone interested in knitting and crochet. The idea was to have a local (and affordable) meet up so people could swap skills and ideas.  I myself learnt to knit in National School but learnt crochet in the beautiful This is Knit in the Powerscourt Centre.  The classes were pricey but good – but the real financial cost came in letting a pregnant lady loose in a wool shop. Many crocheters (I really don’t think that’s a word) I know are self-taught and have used the brill range of tutorials on You Tube – but there is really no substitute for watching some else and being able to ask questions.

Getting a place to meet was difficult so, not wanting to let the winter pass, we started off small in November, meeting every month in my house and just advertising by word of mouth and through our local creche.  So far we have nine interest people (note how I avoid admitting they are all women lest I scare off any potential males!) and it’s going great.

In the meantime, I persued the idea of finding a local meeting place, and  with some help from our local TD – Aodhán Ó’Ríordáin, we’ve sorted that out.  I’m currently finalising the arrangements and will circulate details in the next few days so will keep you posted!

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2 thoughts on “Marino / Fairview Knitting and Crochet Circle

    1. Well if you’re ever up this way, you’re more than welcome!!
      In between doses of colds and flu I’m making flyers so feel free to send onto any Dubliners you know!

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