30th October 2012 Helen 0Comment

The run up to Halloween has been manic! On top of work and the little matter of the two monkeys, I’ve been organising a ‘willy free’  hen party for one of my school friends who is getting married in a few weeks. Even busier than normal so!

I’ve not had a chance to do many new crafting projects, but was delighted to try my hand at some needle felting one of the evenings.  I’d picked up the needles ages ago but the roving was much harder to find until I managed to get to the amazing This is Knit shop in the Powerscourt Town House a few weekends ago.  I had found a great little tutorial on Pinterest – at The Magic Onions blog, and simply followed it. I reckoned there was no way it really was as simple as stabbing and shaping but hey, it was! And it’s fairly therapeutic to boot! Each pumpkin took about half an hour to make and, when I ran out of orange, I did some in green.  The result is a little stack of pumpkins some of which resemble green peppers but I’m claiming artistic licence.

I had also made some felt bunting a few weeks back and just glue gunned on a few silhouettes of bats, ghosts and spiders. The wee man thinks its all great! Naturally there are plently of flashing plastic things around the house but its nice to throw in some homemade too.

So – as they say on the northside of Dublin, its nearly time to go door to door shouting ‘Help the Halloween Party’! Yum!

Enjoy everyone


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