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 A post on Sirdar’s feather and fan knitting pattern.

One major drawback to making my kids clothes is you never know if they’ll wear the stuff ! So far I’ve fared pretty well – particularly if I give them a little time to warm to whatever it is but I have to also admit to picking my fights. My son loves snuggly fleecy materials so I just know that trying to put him in a knitted jumper would be an absolute nightmare. So he mainly gets scarves and hats.  Lately my daughter spends a fair bit of time shouting ‘nudies’ at us, while desperately grappling with her clothes, so I’ve been loathe to make much for her.  As she’s rapidly approaching two though, and is fast running out of clothes that fit, I’ve been dipping my toes in the water with some tops, tunics and cardis.

Here’s one I just finished.  It’s from a Sirdar Pattern (2317) and is a nice feather and fan pattern that I reckoned wouldn’t be too warm.  The wool is Rico Design Basic Superbig and I love the grey-pink colour.  The pattern had versions that were stripped too – which really picks up the pattern in the knit, so I think I’d try that again.

The pattern was fairly straightforward – although one major bugbear I have is that they don’t give you the pattern required to make up the tension square.  Basically, you have to figure out the feather and fan technique – by getting stuck into the knitting itself, before you can figure out your tension.  Annoying! I worked it out eventually but know it put my Mum right off starting this before I did the donkey work – and I don’t blame her.

This was the first thing I got to try out the better sewing and finishing skills I’d picked up at Pauline’s Finishing Class, and I have to say that lady knows her stuff! The finish is way better and I no longer fear the whole thing coming apart! Believe it or not the photo on the left is the seam up the arm from the ribbed cuff, and the right is where the patterned front and back are seamed. Almost invisible!

Now my only challenge is to get the little nudie to wear it. Humm…

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