30th July 2012 Helen 0Comment

My first forray into stamping was fairly simple-adding names onto T-Shirts using Versacraft Ink and a simple letter set, but recently I’ve been making some nice cards and am delighted with the results.

I had read a lovely tutorial on making your own stamps (found through The Making Spot it’s a great step-by-step guide by Ginger and George). I was well overdue making some thank you cards for my baby girls’ birthday pressies so I gave it a try and made these really nice flower cards in no time.  As suggested on the blog I did add ink detailing to a few but, I have to be honest – I loved the simplicity of the plain flower – very Orla Kiely I think!

Since my first attempt, I’ve tried a slightly more complicated design for my little boy’s birthday thank-you cards and he loved them! This time the inking really did add to the picture.   

I’ve been mouching around for more ideas and am loving this tutorial by Ishta Olivera for more complicated stamps which I’m definitely going to try.

A fairly successful first few tries for a girl who can’t really draw!

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