21st May 2012 Helen 0Comment

We have an ongoing battle in this house as regards bibs! I’m not a big fan  – particularly the grubby, plastic, ‘worn all day’ type, so I’ve probably never really used my gentle powers of persuasion in trying to make the kids wear them!

My son objected to wearing them from about one – which is grand but by then he was pretty much feeding himself, so his tops had to be changed most morning after breakfast. …adding to the washing mountain! This wasn’t too much of a big deal when his favourite breakfast cereals were rice crispies / muesli / corn flakes but since my daughter has started eating breakfast he has decided he wants porridge just like her!!! Hence there’s a bib revival round our house!!

I had seen this style of bib in the shops but the sizes were pretty limited to newborn. They were also really expensive considering they are just two triangles of material and a button! Also they were generally just cotton and I wanted something slightly more absorbing so I made these up. They are just three layers of material – patterened cotton fronts, plain cotton lining and lovely micro fleece backing.
So far – a total success on my kids and I’ve made some up for some new baby arrivals too!!
Baby girl models Toddler Boy’s Truck Bib … she stays still longer!

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