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Here’s two lovely Christmas Garlands made from felt scraps that take no time at all to make up but will last years.

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Happily my two naive toddlers believe (for this year at least), that if we talk about Santa too early he’ll wake up with a sore head, be grumpy and not bring them anything! This little trick got us past Halloween and through November without having endless discussions on the topic. But, there’s no fighting the tide, and this weekend the decorations and tree will go up.

A few years back I bought a mega load of felt on Ebay for about 10c per A4 sized sheet.  This felt is made from recycled plastics so there’s a feel good factor to using it – but then again its a little too course to use on anything you’d wear, so its uses are a bit limited.  It’s perfect for decorations though so – having a few spare hours and with the glue gun handy, I managed to knock up these two lovely garlands that will be put up in the hall this weekend.

To make these I chopped up strips of felt that were roughly 2.5cm wide and 10cm long. I say roughly as happily this isn’t an exercise in accuracy.  I used up about fifteen or twenty A4 sheets for three garlands: the ‘knotty’ garland that’s about 1m long and two ‘loopy’ garlands that are about 4m long each.

For the ‘Knotty’ Garland, I took a length of twine about 1.5m long.  I folded each felt strip in half and cut a small knotch at the mid point so the stip looks like a little tie.  Then I just put it around the twine and tied a half knot.  (I tried a few different ways including losing the knotch and using a dot of glue but that didn’t give me the nice bunched look I was after).

As I went I just scrunched them together and it was done!

The ‘Loopy’ Garland is like the ones we used to make from newspaper in National School … a few years ago now! It was as easy as taking a strip, wrapping it around my fingers and putting a dab of glue with a glue gun and quickly folding it over.  After the first one, you link each loop through the last and keep on going. Hey presto!

These a perfect to make with the kiddies – or like me with your inner child when the other monkeys have gone to bed.

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    1. Thanks Emily! I’m with you on the price per sheet malarky! These are Rainbow brand and cheap as chips so perfect for the job! Seriously worth a look on Ebay. Got them through a UK seller so postage was good too x

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