7th June 2012 Helen

I must remember when the Olympics are on and I’m sitting on the couch at home, drinking a cup of tea and eating biscuits, that 10km is a fairly considerable distance to run! Fair play to the 40,000 ladies that ran or walked the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon last Monday.  Lots of money was raised for charity – my one of choice being the Children’s Hospice at the Sunshine Home / Laura Lynn House. Have another biscuit … we earned it!

4th February 2012 Helen

I am many things but, most of all, I am a busy mama! With two kids in tow – a baby and a toddler, my days are a genuinely fun cycle of feeding, wiping things, playing truck / train / tractor games, saying ‘get that truck/train/tractor off your sister’s face/head/bum’ [delete as appropriate], picking up toys and searching for the missing things that have, most often, been stashed by my forgetful son, somewhere ‘safe’. At the end of my day I squeeze in conversation with my lovely husband and then turn my attention to one of the many projects I…