4th January 2013 Helen 2Comment

After two babies in two years, a three week spell of coughing has put my pelvic floor to the test. It has failed. Miserably! By adult standards our Christmas was quiet. A never ending barrage of colds and doses transformed my plans for indulgence to two hot ports on New Year’s Eve!  From a toddler’s point of view (is there any other?!), there were whole days spent in pyjamas, too many new toys to count and afternoon movie parties.In otherwords, it was great! My three year old announced ‘I liked Christmas Mama. Can we have it again’.  I think that’s…

25th November 2012 Helen 1Comment

My November has been ridiculously busy but I don’t really have much to show for it – hence so few posts! One of my oldest friends is getting married at the end of this week so the last month has been chocca with   dress fittings, hen parties, pressies and the like. It’s a lovely time to catch up with old friends and carries the added bonus that myself and my husband will have our first night away together since our daughter was born a long 18 months ago! My kids are happy out – though we’ve had a few…

30th August 2012 Helen

I may have taken the adage ‘anything for some quiet time’ a little too far! I had a ‘little’ op on my leg last Thursday and, ouch, its very sore! I’m currently wondering if I didn’t perhaps overestimate how sore my ‘bouncy’ veins really were cos life without them is way worse! Anyway hopefully that’ll pass with time and drugs, and in the meantime I’m very excited about all the stuff I can do on my few weeks of leave! So far a massive order of fabric has arrived from www.fabric.com and all are washed and awaiting a quick ironing….

21st August 2012 Helen 1Comment

Holidays are over. They were rainy but lovely. One upside about being back to work….endless photocopying! Many half written blog posts hang in the balance…soon to be finished!

7th June 2012 Helen

I must remember when the Olympics are on and I’m sitting on the couch at home, drinking a cup of tea and eating biscuits, that 10km is a fairly considerable distance to run! Fair play to the 40,000 ladies that ran or walked the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon last Monday.  Lots of money was raised for charity – my one of choice being the Children’s Hospice at the Sunshine Home / Laura Lynn House. Have another biscuit … we earned it!

4th February 2012 Helen

I am many things but, most of all, I am a busy mama! With two kids in tow – a baby and a toddler, my days are a genuinely fun cycle of feeding, wiping things, playing truck / train / tractor games, saying ‘get that truck/train/tractor off your sister’s face/head/bum’ [delete as appropriate], picking up toys and searching for the missing things that have, most often, been stashed by my forgetful son, somewhere ‘safe’. At the end of my day I squeeze in conversation with my lovely husband and then turn my attention to one of the many projects I…