22nd January 2013 Helen 2Comment

Let’s be honest – no more than anyone else, I’ve a tendency to rant and give out when things are pants but am maybe a little less likely to take a second to talk about nice things. That said I do love the idea of a good recommendation.  So, with that in mind, here’s a nice Irish business that I think deserves a mention. Made in Cork, Bia Beauty is a small Irish company specialising in natural beauty products that you can order via a lovely website. These came my way thanks to my lovely godson and his sister – perhaps with some…

9th September 2012 Helen

My friend Jo has set up a really great little business with her friend Clare, and its called Chillymoo.  These clever Dublin-based mummies have developed a range of frozen yoghurt that has only been sweetened with fruit juice. My monkeys are loving it – as are we! Go visit: www.chillymoo.ie x

19th February 2012 Helen

I’m not completely sure it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve just signed up to Pinterest!!! I’ve a horrible feeling it’s going to be a sure fire way to give me too many more ideas / cravings for nice things but I just can’t help myself! So far my boards are a scattered mix of lovely creations, tasty recipes and snapshots of house ideas – for somewhere in New England where the weather is just fabulous! It has the potential to become quite addictive… yay!http://pinterest.com/thebusymamas/

4th February 2012 Helen

I am many things but, most of all, I am a busy mama! With two kids in tow – a baby and a toddler, my days are a genuinely fun cycle of feeding, wiping things, playing truck / train / tractor games, saying ‘get that truck/train/tractor off your sister’s face/head/bum’ [delete as appropriate], picking up toys and searching for the missing things that have, most often, been stashed by my forgetful son, somewhere ‘safe’. At the end of my day I squeeze in conversation with my lovely husband and then turn my attention to one of the many projects I…