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It seems every child we know has a birthday in the early Summer months!  I love birthdays and picking up pressies but it’s a bit of an expensive mine field trying to get everyone a little something special. I know myself the perils of a growing mountain of plastic on the toy shelves in our house so this year I tried my hand at personalising some t-shirts for little birthday buddies and they turned out pretty well. Here are my handstamped t-shirts.

I had some Ikea cotton fabric with trucks and cars so I just ironed on some Wonderweb on the wrong side and cut around the edge of the shapes – about 0.5cm from the little picture. Then I attached them to plain (H&M Organic Cotton) T’s – using the ‘otherside’ of the Wonderweb, and ran a little stitched hem around them to secure.

A few months back I bought a stamp set of letters and some Versacraft Permanent Fabric Ink (for putting labels on the kid’s clothes for crèche) so I stamped the names on the front just to make them a little more special.

I’m pretty chuffed at the results for a first attempt and my own little man loves his bus!


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2 thoughts on “Handstamped T-Shirts

  1. Fantastic idea. I once made a T-Shirt for myself, as a teenager, using this method with a t-shirt I had made years earlier with an image of ‘The Hulk.’

    The only limits to an idea like this – is your imagination.

    Great stuff.

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